How much does it cost to move a piano?

When it comes to moving, special care needs to be taken of delicate and heavy things, like pianos, lamps, chandeliers, etc. These are expensive products, and the key to moving them is to avoid any loss to their value. A typical question our customer care representatives hear every day is how much does it cost to move a piano? 

It comes down to the size of the piano and where you want to move it. Pianos come in various sizes; They start from around 300-400 pounds and can weigh up to 1200 pounds. Such large pianos are called grand pianos, and they have a very distinguished shape and texture. Another thing which we consider while moving your piano is where you want to move them (cost can depend on whether you are moving locally or moving to a different city or state. The charges will be higher for the latter move.) The type of house you are moving into  is also a factor in deciding the cost, as the number of stairs and tight spaces in your home constitutes the final price. For a local move, the average price of moving a piano is $300, and for a long-distance move, the price is between $1500 and $2000. If you have a piano, you know how valuable it is and would probably not want to leave it behind;  thus, you should get in touch with us and get a free quote. We have affordable prices and provide the best services. Here in Dallas piano mover like ours are the most requested! 

Piano mover Dallas

Love & Hope movers provide exciting packages that are affordable and guarantee the complete safety of your piano. We are the people's most trusted moving company Carrollton TX has, and our positive reviews speak volumes about our integrity. We have an exceptional team specifically catered to moving special items, as they require great care, different packaging, and safe travel. We know the value of such precious things to you (especially if the products are priceless family heirlooms.) With the best piano mover Dallas has, you will not need to worry about the safety of your valuables. A coordinator will guide our expert movers, and they will reach your place on a moving day and make sure to handle the delicate products with care. We use the best quality packaging material that will not degrade the quality of the product or cause any harm to them.

When moving a piano, we use two products to ensure the sides and bottom of the piano remain intact. Our experts use a dolly and a humstrap, and these materials are essential as they help carry pianos upstairs and out of the house and keep the balance of the piece (this helps maintain the piano's shape and does not let it slip or fall at any time.) Being one of the most professional and experienced Dallas piano mover, we have moved hundreds of pianos over the years without causing them any harm. Our integrity and honesty are what make us the best moving company Carrollton TX has.